S.A. „CET-Nord”
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Integrated Management

To achieve its purpose and mission, CET-Nord has set out to implement an integrated management system, combining the requirements of ISO standards: 9001:2015, 50001:2018, 45001:2018, 14001:2016 and 37001:2016 in a coherent, single system, so that processes using the same resources – human, material, infrastructure, financial, information – are interconnected to meet the objectives set, i.e. to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders.

The integrated management system allows for consistent foundation of decision-making/management and the establishment of guidelines for the effective and efficient achievement of the entity’s objectives.
An integrated management system is a logical and systematic management approach which allows optimal strategic and operational decisions that take into account all the essential aspects leading to an organization's efficient operation.

Integrating two or more management systems into an integrated management system has the following advantages:

  • enhancement of the benefits of each system;
  • optimizing the consumption of resources;
  • reducing the costs of maintaining multiple management systems;
  • establishing a single framework for the continuous improvement of all standards;
  • priorities are set and general and individual objectives are decided;
  • all conditions for planning, control, monitoring, corrective actions, audit and analysis activities are created;
  • identify relevant regulations in the field;
  • adapting to market changes, customer requirements and new trends, etc.

Implementing ISO standards will enable the company to move forward in its daily work and to increase the quality of service provided on a solid and continuous basis.